The Catholic Action in Poland. Before the election to European Parliament. Let us go voting. Let us vote wisely

            As usual before important elections, the Catholic Action appeals to Poles, declaring Christian system of values, to participate in voting fulfilling our civil duty. We remind this fact, because post-voting practice demonstrates, that social interest in influencing on public affairs of the country diminishes from year to year. It is not the proper time and place to consider why the situation looks like this, but it is necessary to say how important every single vote is and how necessary Your presence at ballot boxes on Sunday 25th May is. Let us vote wisely, not casually, not for fun, but with all our responsibility. Every vote is significant. All decisions taken up in the country or Brussels result from our votes, our will or its lack.

            Coming election to European Parliament is of a great significance for Poland and Poles. That is where all decisions, which results we all experience, are taken up and it concerns both, positive assignments, referring to founds which help to modernize our economy and the negative ones, like European Union law which imposes on country members regulations contradictory to Christian moral code and traditional values. I am convinced that careful observers of the Union social policy must have recognized the fact of adopting a resolution questioning the right to life of unborn children, accepting same-sex marriages and possibilities for such couples to adopt children, which strikes into traditional marriage and a family in their natural dimension, promoting ?civilization? of death.

            There is no doubt, that it is Brussels, UE structures, which is the theatre of fights for the future of the old continent, for spirituality of its society.  Who will constitute new European Parliament – depends on us, our will and our votes. This is us, who decide if to send there celebrities created by media, egoistic political gamblers or reliable, wise people with public trust, being warrants for Europe and Poland of protecting fundamental rules respecting a human being, his right to dignity from conception to natural death, not subjecting societies to harmful experiments originating from gender ideology.

            We can not agree for European Parliament dominated by persons fighting with the Church, initiating legislative processes contradictory to integral conception of human nature, ruining the foundations of a society, based on healthy and strong family.

            Let us vote and do it wisely on behalf of Poland and Polish families.

                                                                                              In the name of the Authorities of

                                                                                              Polish Institute of Catholic Action

                                                                                              President Halina Szydełko

Warsaw, 17th May 2014





Polish Catholic Action is the biggest organization in Poland, associating lay Catholics ( over 20 thousand ), existing since 1929,banned by the communists after WW II. Its rebirth is owed to St. John Paul II, who during Polish bishops visit ad limina in 1993 appealed for reconstructing the association structures. Members of the Catholic Action are present in Polish Parliament and in self-government authorities. 8 members of The  Catholic Action stand for the European Parliament.